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How to enhance your event with Floristry.

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  • 12th Aug, 2020


Most of us love flowers and are very familiar with seeing them at all kinds of events; either in vases on tables, at weddings as beautiful bouquets and even on walls to pose in front of for that special Insta snap. However, some of us are not so used to seeing flowers being used in immersive ways.

At our #HouseofJaneSoho showcase event, our guests got their hands ‘dirty’ in the name of floristry. Our theme, being Urban Jungle, meant we showcased over 100 plants and trees in our carefully curated spaces to plunge people into our very own stylised jungle. However, what really brought our theme to life were the happenings in the ‘loft’ of the House of Jane.

Our fabulous florist Lara Sinjar of Wild Renata Flowers ran a fun and engaging workshop for our guests to create their own personalised urban jungle posy to take home with them. Guests were able to choose from an array of tropical foliage whilst receiving an insight on the art of hand tying and how to perfect their arrangement.

“Running the Bouquet workshop at the Plain Jane showcase was lots of fun, actually running any type of workshop where you teach floral skills is fun but this one was a special highlight. The whole top floor was packed with really eager, over excitable learners and by the time the night was over there was not one flower or leaf left in the house.

Workshops are a really fun way to socialise and be creative for either private or corporate events”

Needless to say, it went down a treat and the top floor of the House of Jane was buzzing with creativity and ended in a big green mess (as well as Champagne).

The aftermath was simple proof that floristry doesn’t have to be just a pretty thing to look at, but it can be an exciting element at your event giving your event that extra, added element

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