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PJE are Virtually Saving Christmas

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  • 10th Nov, 2020



By now, working remotely is nothing new, right? Thousands of us: employees, partners, CEOs, colleagues, and friends are continuing to work from home, especially now lockdown 2.0 is underway, so staying connected in fun & interactive ways is more important than ever!​

We're stepping it up and getting super creative, helping our clients to boost morale, connect and celebrate Christmas in the most exciting ways!​ If your event objective is to boost morale, connect and to let your team/company know that you're all in this together – then we have your event solution! ​

You could say we’re virtually saving Christmas! ​

We want you and your teams to Get Social, Get Interactive and Get Entertained so dive in to find out what virtually endless possibilities Plain Jane can bring to your Christmas event.​


We’ll work with you to create your bespoke virtual Christmas package. ​

Whether it’s selecting multiple elements for a series of interactive workshops or creating a stand alone experience with just one element for your live interaction fix this Christmas.​

We can create bespoke mail out packages or hampers sent to each person to complement the elements you’ve selected: whether it’s a cocktail, a foodie feast or equipment for the make lounge; you name it, we’ll send it.​

All elements can be pre-recorded or delivered live, depending on the number of people and all can be done on the platform of your choice. ​

Also, a pre-recorded or live message from your CEO or Manager would be a nice touch; one we can arrange filming and editing for.

Let us virtually save ​your Christmas

Drop Emma a line on:​

+44 (0) 7946 545 606 ​ emma@plainjaneevents.com ​

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