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Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, Opening Night

  • Saatchi Gallery

  • 500 Guests

The event took over the entire 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery and was split into 5 different areas. Guests reached the event after a preview of the exhibition itself and the spaces were designed to allow the guests to absorb the exhibition while relaxing and socialising in a homely, albeit glamourous environment. Inspired by cool, comfortable, eclectic members clubs, every room was individually curated from the furniture pieces to the eccentric props and lighting features. Signature pieces embodied the essence of the Exhibitionism branding, bursts of bright colours and subtle Stones references were present throughout the space.

We started with the design concept and built up each room centred around a feature bar. As we were unable to touch the walls of the Gallery the lobby area was clad in full height fake walls which allowed us to create an eye catching turquoise entrance (exhibitionism colours) with Rolling Stones Lips gobo reflected on the floor.

In the 1st main space we created two 5m x 5m raised platforms finished in a scenically painted marble and framed with wall panels like a Georgian townhouse. A bespoke bar and matching poseur tables were positioned under a selection of grand chandeliers.

The 2nd space was dedicated to one of the events sponsors, Nyetimber, whom we worked closely with to secure the drinks deal. We designed a 5m long black bar with a Perspex top, poseur tables to match and installed a bespoke lighting feature and added an eclectic seating area.

The 3rd space was designed around the DJ and dancing space, with a smaller metal panelled bar, a Rolling Stones selfie wall, a VIP club style lounge area and a recessed & raised DJ booth.

The 4th space was filled with a giant oval bar, split into two, one for a canape bar and the other for drinks. The dark wood finish and bar top lights gave it a vintage feel whilst the neon light installation and fresh green plants gave it a modern edge.

The sound system for the venue needed to be discreet, as we did not want the event to look or feel like a rock concert, it also needed to be synced and evenly distributed, so that our DJ in one room could be heard in all other rooms at different levels in order to give each room a slightly different atmosphere. The lighting system needed to be creative and colourful, yet subtle and non-offensive. Each room had a different lighting look too, using state of the art moving heads and uplighters to vintage style hanging bulbs & wall lights. The build took 3 days, working to the galleries strict access times. We designed the event from initial concept to final prop sourcing. We managed the lighting & sound, the bar, the catering, supplied by Rhubarb, the set build & decor, the red carpet concept & guest arrival experience, the crew, hosts, transport, logistics, as well as manage the backstage requirements of the band themselves, complete with winnebagos and hair & makeup.

Our team was split across each area, with an external team, an internal BOH/production team, an internal FOH event team and a client / band liaison team to pull all aspects of this event together on the night.

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