Amazon Alexa - Young Innovator Challenge

Young Innovator Challenge

Amazon HQ, London
Aimed at 13–17-year-old students
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Our longstanding clients at Amazon contacted us through the brilliant team at Tin Man Communications to help create a fun and engaging jobs fair, we were thrilled and got our futuristic brainstorming hats on.

The brief was for their Jobs Fair of the Future that took a future-gazing look at the world of work, exploring how traditional jobs will be positively impacted by AI and computer science in years to come. From metaverse planners to code architects and synthetic farmers, we helped Amazon showcase these innovative industries at the fair which was hosted for 13–17-year-old students at Amazon HQ in London.

Interestingly, the 10 jobs featured at the jobs fair were selected by a futurologist! Presenters at the event were Lauren Kisser, Director for Alexa International and Tobi Brown, member of Sidemen. A SMART-assisted sports coach, also known as the RoboKeeper– was brought over from Germany for the event. The RoboKeeper is equipped with two cameras (his eyes), that record up to 90 images per second. From the vantage point above the goal, they follow every move of the ball (which sets itself apart from its surroundings thanks to its contrasting colour). The cameras transmit images of the movement in real time to the motor controller, which is responsible for the RoboKeeper’s saves. No matter how fast you shoot or how well you aim, the RoboKeeper will save almost any shot. RoboKeeper has also previously been challenged by Lionel Messi!  

One of our creations was the Paramedic Prone Programmer: a drone obstacle course to resemble a woodland which was built for this event and constructed from PVC and wood panels, including wooden obstacles, and challenged students to pilot the drone from A to B – a huge hit with the students (and we loved having a go too!) The obstacle course included a plethora of foliage and trees native to UK woodlands.