Gordan Ramsay Restaurant Installations


London | Manchester
Open to the public
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Welcoming the Spring/Summer season, we created vibrant installations for the Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Heddon Street Kitchen in London and Lucky Cat in Manchester. From cascading summer-inspired installations to bold floral explosions, our team brought colour and celebration to these spaces.

In London, we were inspired by the soft warmth of summer sunshine, using a variety of yellow hues; buttery, sunshine & golden yellows that cascade and flown upwards in the form of dried and faux florals. Natural and glowing, these floral clusters transformed the spaces into summer havens.

Meanwhile, Lucky Cat in Manchester saw an explosion of vibrant orchids and cherry blossoms, a striking contrast against the stone entrance. Inspired by Asian cuisine, our designs aimed for a lasting impact, creating a bold and fresh statement along the street.